Personalised Hoop Necklace

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This handmade sterling silver necklace / pendant can be personalised with the names of your loved ones, or a favourite quote. It's a wonderful keepsake that allows you to carry memories of your children, grandchildren, husband or partner with you wherever you go…  

This pendant hoops are handmade from sterling silver sheet. The hoops hang free inside the bail so that they move.


It can fit approx. 10 characters per layer / hoop - I can add more but they may be partially obscured by the hoop on top.

When ordering a single, double or triple hoop. The pendants sizes are combined as below:

Single hoop: 22mm

Double hoop: 22mm & 25mm

Triple hoop: 22mm, 25mm & 28mm

Please add the names you would lik in the note to seller box  at checkout - preferably with which hoop you would like them on ie small, medium or large.

(Small 22mm, medium 25mm, large 28mm).

The chain is an 18" Sterling Silver trace chain.

All of Victoria walker Boutiques engraving is done by hand using letter punches. The silver is thicker than is often used for stamping however sometimes there is still a slight imprint on the back. Sometimes letters may not seem completely aligned or straight but this is part of the nature of hand stamped pieces and is part of their unique charm and it’s what we feel makes them so special!

Please message me or email me with any question or request you may have.